Icy Juice

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and Deserts: Frozen

Serving for one

Not much to it. Just freeze your drink in a plastic cup.

Things You Need

  • Plastic cup to freeze the juice in
Icy Juice


  • About 6 fl oz juice or punch


  1. Pour the drink into a plastic cup such as a tall Tupperware® cup. The cup must be able to flex
  2. Set in freezer for 1 to 3 hours, tilting the cup
  3. Check for progress
  4. After crystals have formed, remove from freezer and drink
  5. If the fluid is too frozen to drink, add more juice or punch and break up the icy drink with a fork.


You may use any freezable drink. Dairy products do not freeze and thaw well so avoid these.

Some juices will not completely freeze but will leave a syrupy sticky slime. These are best enjoyed when they are only partially frozen.

I often drink some of this icy drink, then replace it in the freezer to have more later.

My favorite drinks to chill/freeze are apple juice and lemonade.

WARNING: Do not use a glass container as it will break as the drink freezes. Also, paper cups tend to tear. By tilting the plastic cup during the chilling stage, there will be less stress on the cup as the fluid expands during freezing.

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