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Arrange for Zoom Classes

Classes via Zoom are available by arrangement. This is a review class only, to help anyone reviewing to take the FCC Amateur Radio Operator (ham) exams. Students learn best if they have the W5YI Technician Study Guide.

These classes review the study guide. There is not enough time to teach this material but there is only enough time to review it. In class we will reveiw every possible question and what the right answer is. There is a little time to cover some of the information but it is best to read the guide before each class.

With a minimum of three participants, we can schedule these Zoom classes. Location does not matter, so those in the class could be from anywhere that has a good Internet connection.

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Or send an e-mail to the instructor n6jlg@arrl.net.

Do You Have A Room?

We are always looking for a location to offer these ham licensing classes. Do you have access to a room we can use? This could be in a training room, break room, board room, classroom, or any good place to learn.

There needs to be some seating room and chairs for those attending the class. It also helps if there is some way to show a PowerPoint presentation. This could be a large TV or a projector and screen. It also helps if there is a white board or a chalk board to allow the instructor to include illustrations that can help those attending understand the new concepts.

There are many ways to learn how to be an Amateur Radio Operator or Ham Operator

Find a partner. Learning a new skill works best if you have someone to share it with.

  • Weekend Crash Course
    • Learn how to pass the test in two or three days
    • Forget everything by Monday
    • This works and gets you licensed but you don't really learn much about being a ham. After you get your license and a radio, you learn by experience. The school of hard knocks can be tricky and embarasing.
  • Weekly Series of Classes
    • Takes longer, usually about six weeks
    • Requires a little more effort and study to remember everything for the test
    • This works and gets you licensed and you have time to learn something about being a ham. After you get your license and a radio, you have some knowledge but you still learn by experience.
  • Long Term Personal Training
    • Takes much longer, possibly more than a year
    • Requires a lot more effort and study because you are being totally trained as an amateur radio operator
    • This works and helps you become a proficient ham before you even take the test. However, most people don't want to take this much time and effort before they even get a license.
  • Self Study
    • This is the most flexible and yet most hazardous
    • If you continue to study and learn this can be very successful. However, too many people start but never finish this task
    • No one is there to help you. No one can answer your questions. No one is there to encourage you and keep you moving forward
    • If you choose to self-study, please find a ham that is willing to help you learn. Someone willing to help new hams (or prospective hams) is called an "Elmer"
    • In a class or all alone, the W5YI book (GWTM-18) is very helpful and is available between $20 and $30
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