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About Us

Schools Who is "JG"

I am Jim Gallacher, a retired computer guy. I used to work for the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools office. When the drastic budget cuts happened to California education, my position was eliminated so I choose to retire instead of being laid off. Before that I worked at LLUMC, Rialto High School, and Crafton Hills College, in each of these positions I was helping people use computers.

Work What have I done?

Besides helping people with computers, I have been a Realtor, an insurance agent, a computer repairman, a nurses aid, a warehouse worker, a professional driving instructor, an iPhone repairman, a department store worker, a delivery driver, a window washer, an aircraft assembler, and even a service station attendent. So there are many things I have experienced.

Spare Time Spare Time?

In my "spare time" I volunteer at many places. I am a Ham radio operator and instructor. I help people get their FCC Amateur Radio Operators license and show them how to use the radio. Click here for information about Ham radio.

I do volunteer work for my church. Also I am a photo volunteer for Find-A-Grave which helps people see pictures of memorials accross the country.

Web Pages Why web design?

The Ham radio club I belong to needed help with their web site. They knew I worked with computers so they voted me in as the Computer Web Specialist. I took some classes and learned how to do web pages. That's where JG Web began. I don't know everything about web design so I don't charge like the pros do, but I think I do a pretty good job. Let's work together to make a great page for you!